Do you know what is the dirtiest place in your apartment? Do you think that is it your toilet seat? Or your garbage can? You are so far from the truth, my friend… Hygiene experts were overwhelmed with the results of their latest researches carried out in order to find and answer to that question: what is the place with the most bacteria in our houses?

The fist conclusion they had to make was the idea that the most harmful bacteria is not where we expect it to be. Dr Lisa Ackerley, MD of hygiene Audit systems, says: “We often find that the family loo is one of the cleaner places in the average family home.” Why? Because we wash, bleach and disinfect our toilets very often. Could you ever guess that Teddy bears, chopping boards and piano keyboard may carry the most amounts of bacteria? That’s what study have shown:

1.Computer keyboard – 33 million bacteria.

2. Fridge door handle – 850,000 bacteria

3. Mobile Phone – 32,000 bacteria

4. Piano keyboard – 7,500 bacteria

5. Chopping board (wooden) – 4,200 bacteria

6. Teddy bear – 4,000 bacteria

7. Toilet towels – 4,000 bacteria

The importance of personal hygiene is unquestionable, that is why washing, wiping and disinfecting the mentioned things an surfaces is strongly recommended.